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    综合艺术是社会主义市场经济条件下优势资源、优化整合、与时俱进的朝阳艺术。综合艺术系是mg老虎机平台中,以表演艺术为主线开设歌舞剧表演专业、国际标准舞和空中乘务、航空服务、导游、文化事业管理专业。主要课程有芭蕾基训、拉丁舞、摩登舞、现代舞、爵士舞、普通话训练、表演、声乐、音训、钢琴、艺术心理学、航空客运规章与流程、客舱组织服务与管理航空票务服务、航空客运规章与流程、航空客运配载 、乘务服务礼仪训练、航空值机服务、航空卫生、语言技巧与播音、社会心理学导游概论、导游基础知识、导游业务、旅游政策与法规、旅游地理、旅游英语、旅游心理学、导游语言艺术、模拟导游教程、宗教、中国历史与文化。

        Jiangxi Vocational College Comprehensive Arts Department of Art 

   Integrated arts is under the conditions of the socialist market economic advantages of resources, optimize integration, advancing with the Chaoyang art. The Department of Art is integrated arts Jiangxi Vocational College, the performing arts to the main line opened Song and Dance Drama professional performances, the International Ballroom and air crew, aviation services, guided tours, cultural undertakings management professionals. Main courses have Baleiji training, Latin dance,Modern dance, modern dance, jazz dance, Putonghua training, performance, vocal music, audio training, piano, art psychology, air passenger regulations and processes, and management service organizations cabin air ticketing services , air passenger regulations and processes, air passenger stowage, crew services etiquette training, air-value services, aviation health, language skills and sound, Introduction to Social Psychology tour guides, tour guides basic knowledge, guided tours business, tourism policies and regulations, tourism geography , tourism English, tourism psychology, language arts tour guides, tour guides simulation, religious, Chinese history and culture. 
   An arts and cultural practices of the professional courses was a brilliant future of the professional line. A group of teachers from the department graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, the central institute of arts and crafts, the Beijing Dance Academy, and other famous institutions of higher learning of middle-aged and young teachers, forward-looking, open, divergent thinking process of teaching and molding a group of " talent full-duplex, " " a pair of strong fragrance of Germany's skill "qualified talents, and achieved a wealth of experience in teaching and academic research achievements. 
   The Department of students after graduation, a more broad channels of employment, employment forms enticing. Reproduction in performance art and the art of preparing the field demonstration will certainly become a professional artistic groups, enterprises, military units, schools, social and abnormal sought after their careers in the comprehensive category practicality professionals, "the representative of the development of advanced culture the orientation "is the thrust of the Department and the tireless pursuit.


mg老虎机平台创建于1951年,前身是江西文化干部学校,隶属于江西省文化厅。现有舞蹈音乐戏剧表演美术综合艺术戏曲系六个系,设有音乐表演、舞蹈表演、艺术设计、影视表演、戏曲、导游、空乘等近20个专业,是江西省规模最大、门类最齐全的公办综合性艺术院校,荣膺文化部授予的“全国先进文化单位”称号。学院坐落在南昌市蛟桥,占地面积153亩,建筑面积50000平More >>

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